Accessibility Accessibility

VALIDe VALIDe keep its commitment with web accessibility, offers a design and structure free of visual and technical obstructions that allows the access to its content to persons with distinct levels of disability, the elderly, and all general users.

To reach this goal, the Center for Technological Transfers applies the WCAG 1.0 ( Web Content Accessibility Guidelines version 1.0) accessibility guidelines established by the WAI work group ( Web Accessibility Initiative ) that belongs to the W3C ( World Wide Web Consortium ) adopted by the European Union in its webpages by applying in each page the following standards:

  • W3C regulations of separation of code (XHTML 1.0) and presentation (CSS)
  • Accessibility Guidelines for Web Content (WCAG) version 1.0

To assure these criteria of accessibility compliance levels, tests with automatic tools have been done, like the Web Accessibility Test ( TAW ), a tool developed by the CTIC Foundation for analysis of the accessibility degree of Internet pages, in accordance with the W3C standars.